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FUE hair transplant is just one of the more modern-day methods of medical hair restoration that you could benefit from today. What does FUE really do for your hairline?

Firstly, it means Follicular Unit Extraction – and it could provide much better (practically extraordinary) aesthetic outcomes when you undergo the procedure as compared to the older style of strip incision transplants or better known as the “Strip Method”.

There’s additionally far less scarring compared to other methods. Scars at the back of your head will eventually heal over. In what is termed “invisible healing”, as if nothing was done in the first place.

When you’re having a hair transplant, the area which hair is extracted from is called the donor area. With older methods, a whole strip of skin would be sliced from the back of your head. This is not ideal as it leaves you with a permanent scar. And no one wants that.

Clinical Hair Transplant (Singapore) Cost

fue hair tansplant singapore

Also much worse, these scars with Strip Method can extend and become a disfiguring feature on the back of your head.

So why is FUE a better choice when it comes to hair transplants? Well the primary factors are given below:

  1. The scarring is undetectable.
  2. It is the best choice for individuals with thinner hair.
  3. It is suitable for anyone who has a tight scalp, Strip Method is not as effective if you’ve got a tight scalp.
  4. If you intend to cut your hair short afterwards then FUE is the only method to go.
  5. Recovery time is much shorter with FUE transplant.

receding hairline treated

Before you have an FUE transplant, a certified aesthetic surgeon will check your suitability.

The amount of donor hair and the quality of hair will determine just how much of the hairless location of your scalp can be covered efficiently.

If you wised, you could undergo several sessions of hair transplantation to get more coverage – the concern is just how much coverage you’re going to get eventually. Most patients undergo the procedure once and from then on, take very good care of their scalp.

With this sort of transplant, the hairs are extracted in tiny follicular units (1 – 3 hairs) and transferred straight into the bald areas of your scalp.

These hairs are transplanted directly from the recipient area without any kind of a strip of skin to be cut away. There will be scars in the donor area, these are called micro-scars which over time heal and become invisible to the naked eye – you’d need an industrial strength magnifying glass to locate them.

The older styles of hair transplant are getting out-of-date– simply because of fact that FUE has shown to be so effective. People have actually had more than 5,000 hairs transplanted over multiple sessions. That means you have a single hair transplant, heal up and afterwards spend the following year enjoying all that  hair on your head… and no one will find out how it happened.

Oh and what costs would you expect to pay for the procedure, you might ask?

Well, it depends on the surgical professional. Costs varies and can be between $6 – $8 per hair graft (note: each graft contains between 1 to 4 hairs). While you may think It isn’t cheap, if you compared it to “herbal treatments” at “hair loss centres” hair transplant is a much better option. There are a few reasons for this:

(1) Hair loss centres usually advertise promotional prices of “$28″ for the front end, but once you step into their front door, it’s upsell galore – some people have paid $12000 for “hair loss packages” which in the end isn’t medically based or effective in combatting hair loss.

(2) Hair loss centres usually focus on clinically unproven herbal treatments such as Ginseng/Gentian etc. And always accompanied by two important persuasive elements before and after photos of individuals with hair loss and celebrity endorsements. NOTE: Clinics are not allowed to display before and after photos of hair transplant or images of celebrity. This is due of Ministry of Health regulations. 

On the flip-side, it is crucial to remember that there are clinics which do have sufficient proof of before and after pictures which you can view in privacy within the clinic’s premises.

(3) Unlike hair transplant, results are real, permanent and natural (it is your own hairs used in the transplantation after all).

Androgenetic Hair Loss & Non-Invasive Transplantation Surgery

Baldness due to androgenetic alopecia or male/female pattern hair loss is a condition that effects both genders at an increasing rate. Surgical hair transplantation is the only remedy for growing back hair permanently. It is always best to opt for treatment which is medically sound, tested and proven to work in clinical settings.

Whilst herbs, supplements and certain foods may help a little, overall, the science points towards medical hair restoration i.e. hair transplant as the best method of re-growing your hair.

If you have well-defined locations or patterns of hair loss on the crown with healthy, dense protection of hair at the sides and the back of the head, you are probably the right candidate for a hair transplant surgery. 

Hair that is transplanted to the frontal area of the head normally delivers the best results. However, a hair transplant procedure could likewise be performed on other areas of your head, such as the top.

Hair Transplantation Procedure With Registered Clinics In Singapore

Before you make a decision to undergo fue hair transplant, it is better that you see a hair transplant surgeon for consultation. This consultation will give you an idea about the hair transplantation surgery could cost and also what the entire procedure would entail.

Typically, the average hair transplant cost in Singapore varies from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on how much help you require to cover up your bald spots.

FUE hair transplant cost varies from person to person, it mainly relies on the number of grafts you require, the number of sessions included, as well as the level of experience of your hair transplant clinic chosen.

“Singapore’s Omnigraft™ FUE Hair Transplant Clinic”

There is a reputable doctor who has been in the aesthetic field for almost 10 years. Dr Ng has utilized Omnigraft™ for patients requesting treatment for hair loss.

His clinic has successfully implemented the Omnigraft™ on numerous patients. drdonaldng-2

It is our opinion that hair transplantation (follicular unit extraction, FUE) is the best treatment against baldness especially at the top and front of your head.

FUE hair transplant acts as an effective, non-invasive hair loss treatment which transfers strong follicles (resistant to balding) onto your scalp and thus “fills” in bald spots.

Dr Donald Ng has been performing hair transplant surgery with the Omnigraft™ device for several years.

He has successfully treated hair loss patients with FUE hair transplant at his Orchard Road clinic along with his team.

Read more about Dr Donald Ng here.

You may also dial 6690 3254 if you would like to speak to Dr Ng about your hair loss problems immediately.

His clinic’s office hours are:

Mon – Fri; 9am – 7:30pm
Sat; 9am – 2:30pm
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